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  1. I’ve seen these floods almost every year for at least 7 years now. For the Department of the Interior to state that removing the trees up slope from these properties is pretty dumb. To say nothing of potential mudslides. Yikes! Climate change for King County is pretty well defined…. MORE RAIN! Wake up Washington!

  2. It is beyond me to think that with all the flooding we get below where they want to log that they would approve this. If it were their property below we wouldn’t have to worry about this. Let’s hope they have enough common sense to make this right. I will remember this next time I vote.I

  3. I am an old time environmentalist who worked on the initial comprehensive plan for the sammamish plateau and on the current revision. Looks like you have a great case for at least an environmental impact study to be done before any logging is approved. Here are some things I would try if I were this group:
    1)Site the catastrophic flood in the Chehalis Valley that took out many farms and killed many farm animals a few years ago. I believe Weyerhaeuser was not held liable for the damage though many felt it was caused by clearcutting a hill that looks a lot like the one in your proposal-perhaps some precedent was set?
    2)Get ahold of the Muckleshoot Indian Biologist as they have a vested interest in Lake Sammamish and its watershed.
    3)Contact Washington Fish and Wildlife Dept. -where there is a stream invloved and fish and wildlife, there are certain criteria they follow that protect the quality of the habitat.
    4)The Shoreline Management Act for your area should have strict guidelines regarding erosion, buffers, etc. to protect streams that flow into Puget Sound.

  4. It’s been well documented that clear cutting causes massive soil erosion and mudflows into streams where fish migrate to spawn. Migratory birds are also impacted by species depending on the age of the timber stands. So much has been learned on this topic scientifically, that it is almost imcomprehensible that this method of timber harvesting is still being conducted. If this were the Amazon or some third world country, it would be unfortunate, ignorant and tragic. There is no excuse for damaging the environment in a developed nation. Concerns about downstream flooding are legitimate, as well. The damage from clear cutting is a chain reaction event. There are multiple impacts that must be considered and none of them are insignificant. Displaced animals may enter residential neighborhoods, fish spawns may die off, bird populations may be diverted and severe soil erosion and flooding may occur seasonally. The damage may result in permanent loss of species and habitat.

  5. In 1989, a land owner above us clear cut his property for future development. Over the next 6 years, we got their mud, silt, increased water, erosion in a stream — Greenes Stream that flows to May Creek. In some places the waster was 18 feet deep. All we were told is that “we had to live with it.” I have pictures that Dave Kappler has seen. I sent some to the Press as well as DNR. This flooding last 6 years.

    DNR doesn’t care abou environment requirements.

  6. To all who have commented here, your points are so well made and succinct! PLEASE, will each of you send these same comments to DNR, Bruce McDonald, ASAP, if you haven’t already. Although the official deadline has passed, DNR is still accepting comments in the next few days BEFORE their date of May 2nd (for their decision). Your comment could be THE one that clarifies or sways a ‘decision-maker’s’ thoughts!

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