10 thoughts on “Save Squak Press Release – January 23, 2013

  1. My family lives on this mountain and opening up to loggers would not only decrease the personal value of their home, but would possibly lead to damages. Please do not allow loggers to come into their neighborhood and destroy their backyards.

  2. What can we do to stop this? I grew up on Squak Mt. It’s perfect- a treasure. My entire family still lives there. Flooding is already an issue on the property, eroding the land that my parent’s house sits on and washing out the driveway. If it gets worse, I can’t imagine the mountain being livable, let alone the valleys below which are also already prone to flooding.
    Please help us save our homes and the gorgeous habitat of so much wildlife.

    • Please help us get the word out by talking to anyone you know. Encourage your neighbors to do the following:

      On the Savesquak.com website, click on the ‘Press Release’ tab and you will see several documents. Click on the ‘May Creek Flyer’ and you will see specific guidance on what we need done (contact those elected officials and relay your concerns about flooding etc.)

      Also, be sure to ‘subscribe’ on the Savesquak.com website so we can stay in touch as things progress.

  3. I am shocked by this information, this clear cut would create more flooding with properties already struggling. I fear this could be the breaking point. Houses in the valley could be abandoned, or left detiorating bringing the value down of all our homes, wildlife will have to resituate, including the large population of deer that have already become too plentiful, eating our expensive flowers and shrubs. The water over roadway events on sr 900 are already intolerable. This place of all surrounding areas has been sadly neglected, yet touted as issaquahs prized recreational corridor. This is nothing short of outrageous.

  4. As a volunteer activity please send some Issaquah Alps members out to local properties to inform them of this proposed disaster. I live right next to the project and I just found out about it by chance. I am sure my neighbors and others in the surrounded area would become strong and vocal opponents.

  5. Hi Doug. Thank you. I did not realize you distributed all of those flyers. My mailbox is on May Valley Road but I did not get one. Perhaps because about 12 homes share a block of mailboxes which are locked.

    Would you please tell me if there is a date that a government agency will decide to issue a permit? I got the impression from reading this website that there are only a few days left. Is that right?

    To think that something this may happen in King County between Renton, Issaquah, Bellevue and Sammamish is almost beyond belief. It’s as if the entire scope of environmental conservation I’ve come to know over the last 30 years, is all a charade. I will alert some neighbors this weekend. Thanks.

    • Thank you for your kind reply!

      We have a contact with King County and we are supposed to be notified when the logger applies for his logging permit and that will happen any day now. From that point the permit could be approved within 30 days, unless we can get the decision makers involved in order to delay the approval process. Many angles are being worked simultaneously and we are hopeful that one will find success. We just need more voices in order to get the right attention.

      We did struggle to distribute flyers where folks did not have a newspaper box. I was informed that inserting our flyer into mail boxes was not legal so we did everything we could. Most recently, we’ve had a few local families who have begun posting laminated versions of our flyers at trailheads and corporate locations like Costco.

      In any case, word is getting out and traffic on this website, Facebook and Twitter is increasing. Also, we owe appreciation to the media outlets who have chosen to cover our story. Be sure to checkout the “In the News” tab for the latest media coverage.

      It would be great if we could get some signs to post throughout the community that say “SAVESQUAK.COM”. This is my best idea to announce to the rest of our community, what is going on. Of course funding is an issue since volunteers are absorbing the costs of our campaign.

      Thanks so much for your willingness to dialogue and help! It’s a pleasure to see our community coming together.

      • Please check the homepage at SaveSquak.com. The logger filed his permit application on Feb 26th and logging could begin as soon as March 27th (30 days). More detail on the homepage.

  6. In addition to all the points above against logging Squak, it can’t be said enough that Squak mountain is wonderful, tranquil, close-to-town place to go for a hike and enjoy the woods and wildlife. I go there all the time to get some exercise and breath the nice clean air there. For this place to be ruined for logging profits would be sickening. It must be saved.

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