Issaquah Press: “Logging company files new application for Squak Mountain”

Apr 5, 2013, Issaquah Press: “Logging company files new application for Squak Mountain”

The refilling for a clear cut logging permit on Squak Mountain was the subject of a front page article in the Issaquah Press in the Friday, April 5 issue.

Our own Dave Kappler was quoted extensively in the article:

“I’m sure they’ve been working with the WSDNR,” he said of the new application. “It’s definitely less than before, but of the 95 acres, they still plan to clear cut 95 percent of it.”

Click to read the full article in the Issaquah Press.


3 thoughts on “Issaquah Press: “Logging company files new application for Squak Mountain”

  1. I think it’s time the citizens of this area demand that Squak and Tiger be removed from DNR control and placed in the state parks system where they can be kept in their existing state. We should have enough interested users of these lands to make the change happen.

    • In many cases the DNR has been a great friend of the Issaquah Alps and the Mountains to Sound Greenway. Our frustration with the situation in this case is the weakness in laws that the DNR has to enforce with logging on private land. Geoff or anyone else should feel free to call me about this. David Kappler, President, Issaquah Alps Trails Club, 425-392-3571.

    • Also, be informed that Squak Mt. is not on DNR land – it’s either in State Park, K. Co., or private ownership. Yes, we need to make sure that current laws/regulations are met and followed (by every agency), but also strive to work on CHANGING any laws which don’t protect our public lands and values. Thanks for your comment!

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